Audit - Log


The Audit - Log report displays all audited records related to an employee. For each entry the report will display the date and time of the audit, IP address of the auditor, and what was changed. This report may be run for specific audit types or for all audit types. Audit types can include: Accruals, Allocation, Approval, Attendance, Other Dollars, Other Hours, Points, Punch, Schedule Deviation, Schedule Rule and Units.

Auditing "by Employee" will display audit records within the specified date range for the employees selected.

Auditing "by User" will display audit records within the specified date range for the users selected. When running this report layout, the edit date must fall within the date range specified for records to appear correctly.

Logon information can also be included on the "by User" layout by setting the Include Logging parameter to ''Yes''. The Logging Selections parameter is used to determine which logon information is included. Selecting ''User Statistics'' will display the total number of logons by that user as well as the last logon attempt. ''Users in last ''n'' days'' will display a separate section on the report showing all of the selected users who have attempted to logon in the selected date range. ''Users who have never logged on'' will display a list of users who have never attempted to log on to Insperity TimeStar™.


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